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"Aesop's Fables"

Aesop's fables is a concept driven project that aimed to raise literacy levels in children through role play with puppets. After researching Victorian pop up theatres, I developed a contemporary version that when shut presents itself in the form of a book but when open can be unfolded to create a pop up theatre. The theatre would come with different teaching packs based on the different fables. A teaching pack would include a set of puppets with moveable parts that could be cut out and assembled.

The pop up theatre was screen printed on a huge 150cm x 100cm screen. The other elements were screen printed on a much smaller and more manageable scale however due to the time consuming nature of the project I have vowed never to go near screen printing again! I adore the aesthetic, but now work in a mostly digital way to recreate the effect, which is far more manageable and flexible.

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